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That is a WRAP! By that, we mean we are done filming and are now onto Post-Production!

Here are some fun pictures from the set of "Welcome Back". Thanks to you all, our team was able to make this film happen. However, the fundraising is not over! With your help we can make sure our post-production workflow is smooth. Please make sure to share our website and donate


“WELCOME BACK” is a short film inspired by a compilation of true stories from people of Venezuela. The political and economic situation in Venezuela is incredibly dire. There is no food, no medicine, and the INFLATION RATE IS CURRENTLY AT AROUND 1,000,000%. People are eating out of garbage cans, and it has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

With this film, we hope to shed light on the current crisis going on in Venezuela, while offering a different perspective on immigration. This story is incredibly relevant, important and deserving of being told.

All in all, we need your help to bring this story to life. Whether it is by donating, sharing this page, or spreading the word, your contribution will go an incredibly long way.


We are set to shoot in the END OF APRIL, and are in desperate need of any help to make this film a reality. All funds donated will go directly to the production of this film—paying for travel, hotels, locations, production design, equipment, food, transportation, and all other essentials needed to bring this film to life.

 “A new U.N. estimate has found that the number of people who have fled Venezuela in the country’s economic collapse and political chaos since 2015 has reached 3 million” 
The Washington Post

What For?


Most of the funds will go towards production which

takes place in April 2019. Our main budget will

go towards TRAVEL, FOOD, LODGING, and EQUIPMENT RENTAL (lights, camera, transport vehicles).


During post-production we are going to continue

needing to FEED OUR POST-TEAM as they will be working for hours to make this project the best it can be.


When the project ends and after we turn it into school, we will need to SUBMIT it to as many festivals in order to get the best traction possible. This is essential. 


How Long?



Over the course of 10 days, we will be shooting in 8 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS (not including the moving car shots we will need). 



APRIL 2019

We will begin principle photography in Ecuador on APRIL 27th – MAY 8th of this year. However, Flights and Hotels need to start getting booked now.




Due to its level of REALISM, we will be shooting in Ecuador. It immensely resembles Venezuela, and will provide a level of AUTHENTICITY we cannot attain anywhere else.


Backers (78)

Roy Arwas

Luisa Elena Guillen Kontoyiannis

Sophie Jelke

Brando Benetton


Jacqueline Basulto

Victor Alonso Berbel

Juan Martinez Vera

Anneliese Lindorf de Petricca

Albert Katz

Orly & Ezra Arwas

Orel Brodt

Marissa Katsock

Sasha Brigante

Tiffany Kontoyiannis

Thor Halvorssen

Adriana Almaral

Lulu León Nunez & Family

Aimee Behrman

Achilles Kontoyiannis

Bharat Chandar

Jessica C Rosales

Sonya Li

Carmen Elena de Guillén

Maria Isabel Guillén

Agazi Desta

Karen Varela


GJ Bakker

Fernando Kindermann

Stephen Nigro

Brian Venditti

Seamus Finnegan

Edurne Fernandez

Katherine Chappell

Jodie Bentley

Danielle Argyros

Madison Stevens

Alecco Hakim

Diego Cornejo Mignone

Eduardo Rangel

Gabriel Rosales

Waseem Ballou

Noel Ballou

Teresa Maria Guillen

Karla Burigo

Robert Jenkins

Tina Jenkins

Leland Hall

Hanul Moon

Tricia Lujan

Josef Gunawan

Greg Gaglio

Tommy Roberts

Thomas Youell and Mai Arwas

Samuel Aguirre

Ian Gonzalez

Maria Mora

Grace Shadid

Mina Mauldin

Albert Koehler

Guy Iorio

Amarilis Moran Alvarez

Eli Hauschel

Khadijah Stephen

Louis Suriel

Ilana Rozin

Victor Delgado-Lopez

Marco Tovar

Mikayla Heinke

Henry Briones

Tee Chau

Abby Hilden

Davide Tomei

Tricia Lujan

Jessica Williamson

Gina Gaytan

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